My Rudest Best Friend

I was looking forward to –may, 2017, when I was to defend my thesis. Honestly speaking, I was more excited because my best friend was coming to attend that. Lately, my day got ruined very badly when I realized that It was my last day in university with my best friend. On the following […]

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My Rudest Best Friend

I remember the last day of university with my best friend, it was mid of May and my friend was coming to attend my thesis defense. We didn’t spend much time that day as i was busy with my professor and my friend left early. Yes, an year has gone and i still miss the time we had in university. On the very next day,  I kept on experiencing emotional meltdowns ( i am a cry baby), while continuously getting flashbacks of our stay in university. The journey, which began two years ago, finally came to an end that day.

I am kind of girl who never has a friend or any one that close whom i can call friend. upon joining university, i used to sit alone, read lectures, play games, eat lunch and attend lectures. Even in classrooms, i had no one to sit with. But then, i became friends with two of my class fellows. those two boys asked me to join their group, as I had no other friend. Later on, I became so much reliant on these two men that, I tend to skip classes when they were not around.Even when their class was not scheduled, I literally used to ask them “please do come” and quite surprisingly, after showing me some attitude they used to come every single time. I really miss the time we had in cafeteria, library ,university corridors and classrooms. We were a group of 3 but then one of us got married and had to leave for his hometown. That was the time when i stated calling the other one as my best friend.

I have no idea what to write or where to start from but tears have started rolling down my cheeks already. Our friendship blossomed in last summer when we both were working on our research proposals and we used to discuss research plans literally for hours in university. I made a simple “no study after 2 PM” type formula and still remember that after 12 PM, I used to ask him “stop studying”, “close your laptop now”. Apart from research, we two haven’t left a single topic, which we didn’t discuss in these years ranging from family, crushes, love, movies, marriage, future study plans and the list goes on and on.  We spent hours in discussing our favorite movies and TV seasons. My favorite pass time was to tease him by one of our university fellows, on whom I thought he had a little,  not little but a huge crush(just kidding), on which he used to reply “ buat shakki ho” , “tmhara kutch nahi ho sakta”. Oh man! I will miss teasing him. Coming towards the best part, I loved to call him RUDE, because of his random mood swings or may be a presence of high amount of attitude in him ( based on his own suggestions). Throughout this time, my favorite phrase was “tm buat rude ho yar” followed by favorite question “tum itnay rude kyun ho yar”, on which he had a simple reply “main aisa hi hoon, just deal with it”. On many occasions, he wasn’t even rude but I loved to call him by that name.

Sometimes, I think that because of me, his interactions with other fellows got very limited as I got easily uncomfortable with the presence of some of them. Again, my double standards or whatever. He is a complete family man, I haven’t met his family, but he told me so much about them, that now I feel as if I have met everyone in person. He is the coolest friend of mine, who can easily text my mother, asking for biryani. He is a friend who spent a lot of time in lecturing me about things bothering me; he listened to my doubts and fears and always cleared them. Whenever I had an issue, problem or doubt, he is the first person I shared them with and will continue to do that, as I know he doesn’t judge me, based on my doubts and problems.

The biggest fear I had was that he will be gone one day; frankly speaking, I didn’t want his degree to end soon, not because I was jealous with his progress but I knew he would leave for his hometown soon after degree completion. Now my biggest fear has come true and I am unable to cope with it till date. I am in a habit of seeing him four days a week, I will miss texting him “kal aao ge?” “A jana na yar” “Agar na I to dekhna tm”.  I will badly miss him in the library where we used to work together, in café where he used to have biryani while I had cocomos, in corridors where we used to make comments on fellow students, I will miss our late night chit chats. In all these past months, I kept on praying to Allah that he gets a job here, I didn’t want him to go anywhere else, I might sound selfish, but he is my only friend on whom I can trust, I don’t want to lose him, not until either one of us gets married at least.(haha, do I sound mean now?)

Now when he has gone back, I just pray for his happiness and long life.  I know, from now onward, we will not be in a frequent contact, but he will always remain my rudest best friend till the day I die( Me being over dramatic). I just hope that he visits university soon so we can take at least one picture together at the table where we sat for the last 7-8 months. Silly wish, I know.